Afforestation and conservation at Attappady

The Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme (MGNREGS) is stepping into an eco-restoration project at Attappady after the Rs.219-crore eco-restoration scheme implemented by the Attappady Hill Area Development Society (AHADS) during the last 10 years was wound up recently.

Under the MGNREGS project, an amount of Rs.44 lakh was already spent for afforestation, filling the gap of the afforestation of degraded forest under the eco-restoration project, soil and water conservation schemes, etc., implemented by the AHADS.

An amount of Rs.19 lakh was spent in Pudur grama panchayat; Rs.18 lakh in Sholayur grama panchayat and Rs.7 lakh in Agali grama panchayat.

Under the scheme, fire line of 215 km was constructed in these three grama panchayats. Under the soil and water conservation scheme, 69,070 trenches and 29,100 ditches were constructed.

In addition to that, 84,287 tree saplings were also planted, said Attappady block programme officer P.V. Radhakrishnan.

These schemes were taken up as a follow up of the AHADS project. The Joint Forest Management Schemes implemented earlier by the AHADS through Joint Forest Management Societies would also continue, he said.

  • Rs.44 lakh spent on various works
  • 215 km of fire line erected