Kochi will host a concert by The Dutch Jazz Quartet at Brunton Boatyard on March 4 and 5. Vocalist Lydia Van Dam will perform with the Quartet. The event is being organised by cgh.earth hotels.

The Quartet comprises accomplished jazz musicians who are successful bandleaders in their own right Hans Mantel, Jasper Soffers, Wim Kegel, and Sjoerd Dijkhuizen. The purpose of the Quartet is to find a common ground in their respective musical backgrounds and try to find new ways of expression by building on it, says a brochure.

When the ability to do this is combined with improvisational skills of a seasoned instrumental soloist, the jazz singer becomes the pivot-point and can be the catalyst for the very best performances. "Lydia van Dam is one such performer" it says. "A unique musical talent with a beautiful voice, a great musical ear and perfect understanding of what a musical situation needs at any given moment."

The band plays a lot of original material. One reason for this is to enhance the spectrum of the different musical experiences and backgrounds of the musicians. This enables the band to weave in and out of different jazz concepts while at the same time retaining a sense of "wholeness," essential to any art form. The members of The Dutch Jazz Quartet naturally gravitated towards each other out of the desire to explore the expressive possibilities that four different musical personalities can bring to a creative challenge.

Hans Mantel is the founder of the Dutch Jazz Quartet. He has hosted and produced various jazz radio and television shows and given musicological lectures at Universities and Conservatories. He is an established researcher, discographer and jazz historian. Over the last three decades, Hans has travelled and played all over the world and has accompanied jazz greats such as Wynton Marsalis, John Scofield, Art Blakey and George Benson

Jasper Soffers studied jazz-piano at the Rotterdam Conservatory. He has played at various jazz festivals in Malta, Boston, New York (the Village Vanguard) Club, Baltimore, Delhi, Moscow, St. Petersburg, Bangkok, Pattaya, Baku, Mali and The North Sea Jazz Festival. He also works with the Dutch Metropole Orchestra.

Wim Kegel is an outstanding drummer. Wim plays all jazz styles from the very earliest forms to the contemporary. He studied at the Royal Conservatory, Den Haag. He has travelled and recorded extensively, amongst others, with O2K, Special Delivery, Lotz of Music, Major League, Tilmar Junius Trio, Tine Schneider trio, Udo van Boven/Philip Harper 4tet, etc.

Tenor Saxophone Sjoerd Dijkhuizen ranks as one of the rising stars on the Dutch jazz horizon. After releasing his debut CD `After Hours' accompanied by internationally known piano player Rein de Graaf, Dijkhuizen is now successfully touring throughout the Netherlands. Dijkhuizen has worked, amongst others, with Lew Tabackin, Slide Hampton, John Marshall and Deborah Brown. He is a member of the Jazz Orchestra of the Concertgebouw, Eric Ineke JazzXpress, Brazilian band Dirindi and Cess Slinger's Two Tenor Case.