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Joint action council stages collectorate march

PATHANAMTHITTA: The forces behind the encroachments on the Kumbazha Estate at Chengara are those who try to promote violence and anarchy in the State, CITU State secretary Anathalavattom Anandan, MLA, has said.

He was a inaugurating a collectorate march organised by the Joint Trade Union Action Council here on Monday, to protesting against the alleged indifference of the government towards the 14-month old encroachment of the rubber estate due to which 150 plantation workers jobless were rendered job less.

Mr. Anandan said no government would accept the encroachers demand for five acres of land to each landless family.

Their struggle, in the name of ‘land for the landless’ was part of an unholy design to bruise the social fabric and create social tension and anarchy in the State, he alleged.

He said the provision of land and home for the poor was the declared policy of the Left Democratic Front government and the ‘so-called Chengara struggle’ was allegedly sponsored by certain external forces.

No mainstream political party in the State had supported the Chengara agitation as it involved blatant violation of the prevailing laws of the land, he said.

Mr. Anandan alleged that the district administration appeared adopted a stand in favour of the encroachers, in violation of the directives of the Kerala High Court in this regard.

The High Court too had observed that the encroachment was illegal and unlawful. Though the court had directed the District Collector and the Superintendent of Police to take steps to clear the encroachments the district authorities’ stand was often found to have been indirectly abetting the law-breakers, the CITU leader alleged.

Action Council general convener Malayalappuzha Mohan sought a probe into the source of funds and extremist links of those behind the extremist.

He said the council would not permit the Health Department to conduct a medical camp at the encroached portion of the estate.

Mr. Mohan said the action council was ready to take sick patients, if any, to the nearest hospital and the allegation that the workers were posing hurdles to the District Collector’s initiative to extend medical care to the encroachers was baseless.

K.C. Rajagopalan, MLA; INTUC State vice-president A. Shamsuddin; INTUC district leaders P.K. Gopi and Thomas Kallumkal; BMS leaders P.S. Sasi, M.P. Chandrashekharan and P.V. Bose and CITU district leader P.J. Ajayakumar also spoke.