Manual operation of signals at Shoranur railway junction

Manual operation of signals at the Shoranur railway junction to allow work on doubling the railway lines between Shoranur and Karakkad will delay trains from September 25 to October 16, a press release said here on Thursday.

The automatic signal and interlocking systems will be out of use, slowing down train traffic.

Because of the doubling work and extension of platform, seven express trains will be diverted through the link line, without touching the Shoranur station. Some trains will have a curtailed run.

Every day, train traffic will be blocked for five hours. Hence, regulation, short termination, diversion and cancellation of trains will have to be done for public safety.

Long-haul mail and express trains will be fast-tracked by running fewer passenger trains. Goods traffic will be restricted and diverted.

The release said the completion of doubling between Shoranur and Karakkad would stop detention of trains for crossing at the two stations.

Doubling work

The entire length of the track between Shoranur and Mangalore would thus have double lines.

The construction of one additional platform (no. 7) to hold 26 coaches at the Shoranur station would be of great help. The lengths of platform no. 2 would be increased by 30 metres and no. 4 by 50 metres to receive longer trains.

One engine lay-by with capacity to hold three locomotives would be available, helping avoid the delay in changing engines of trains at Shoranur. New signal systems with better reliability would be installed at Shoranur.