The scorching summer sun is taking a toll on every one. Besides the fact that one needs to keep the balance of water in the body with more intake of water during the season, the most important precaution is to ensure water quality.

Excessive sweating makes the body deprived of water and nutrients and the body needs to be replenished with the same.

Infectious diseases are the most common events, especially water-borne and air-borne ones. R. Sudhakaran, the additional district medical officer said that in places like Fort Kochi and Mattanchery where there is water scarcity, typhoid could erupt if people are not cautious about the water quality. Siphoning of water from the pipelines brings in contaminated water through leakages that are responsible for such infections. So far, only sporadic cases of typhoid have been reported. Measles and chicken pox are viral infections that make their round during the summer. Isolating the patient and taking precautions while nursing the patient is the only way to avoid these diseases.