: Kerala Lottery Agents' Association has alleged that the sale of other State lottery has returned to Kerala in a clandestine form, without the known medium of paper tickets.

In a statement here on Tuesday, the association said the practice now was to give a piece of paper with a number jotted on it in ink, instead of the printed ticket. This was how the lottery mafia sold lottery of Bhutan and Sikkim in States such as Tamil Nadu and Karnataka where a lottery ban had come into force more than eight years ago.

The association alleged that the lottery mafia was conducting training classes in Coimbatore for some of the wholesale dealers in the State to equip them with such skills as were required to carry out this clandestine business.

The association said the underground sale of other State lottery had begun to affect the sale of the Kerala lottery in the State. When the draw of Kerala's ‘win-win' lottery was restricted to once a week in September, 2010, around 48 lakh tickets were sold in the State each week. The sale had come down to 39 lakh tickets a week now.

The association said the fake lottery had a special lure for the poor fortune seekers since they were supposedly having daily draws. The association urged the government to increase the frequency of the draws of Kerala lottery to once a day to counter the challenge of the clandestine sale of other State lottery.