Thrissur district has lost a visionary campaigner for its development in the death of Communist Party of India State secretary C.K. Chandrappan. He represented Thrissur in Parliament after the CPI crushed the Congress with a margin of 45,961 votes in the 2004 elections.

Mr. Chandrappan's victory did not come as a surprise because Thrissur had been a CPI stronghold from 1957 to 1984. He claimed that the focus of his activities from 2004 to 2009 was on developing the infrastructure of Thrissur for economic growth. He had submitted proposals for schemes costing Rs.11.41 crores, of which those for Rs. 9.87 crores were sanctioned. An amount of Rs. 9.86 crores was spent for various schemes.

 Development of railways, waterways and roads got attention during his tenure. About 30 per cent of the MP's development fund was spent for the welfare of the Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes. Funds were given to anganwadis, drinking water supply schemes, community halls and roads under SC/ST welfare projects. Kole land development and support for educational institutions, including provision of computers for schools, are among the achievements claimed by him.  

He had actively participated in all forums to promote and protect the interests of the State.

He represented Indian Parliament in the Inter-Parliamentary Union Congress in Geneva, the United Nations General Assembly Meeting in New York, and the Commonwealth Parliamentary Association seminars in London and Brussels.


A criticism launched against him by the Opposition was that he was mostly not seen in the constituency during his tenure. “A parliamentarian's task is not to attend every wedding and lecture at every meeting in his constituency. Will such local popularity push development? Larger issues should occupy his attention,” Mr. Chandrappan had told The Hindu .  

“A parliamentarian should be assessed on the basis of his attendance and performance in Parliament. He or she should have breadth of vision and concern for the common man,” he observed. He will be remembered for these qualities.