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Inter-collegiate cultural fete at NIT-C

KOZHIKODE: The second day of `Ragam 07,' an inter-collegiate cultural festival organised by the National Institute of Technology, Calicut (NIT-C), on Thursday began on a high note with the finals of the Western Orchestra. The five finalists put up a thrilling contest, which surpassed the expectations generated by the prelims on Thursday.

Tableau was another attraction on the second day of the fete. This was followed by Hindi Anthakshari conducted by Fazil Gafoor.

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The contestants in the finals of the Mock Press played the role of varied personalities, including Lalu Prasad, Shilpa Shetty and Saddam Hussein.

Extempore in Hindi and English, the major literary events of the day, gave the participants a chance to showcase their skills in public speaking on an assigned topic. `What's the good word' tested the vocabulary skills of the contestants. It included written prelims and finals with several rounds such as Russian dolls, kangaroo words, etc.

Participants also took part in the English Drama contest. Pot Pourri required members in a team to have reflexive thoughts and instant innovative ideas. There was a written prelims for the event.

The prelims of JAM (Malayalam) were also held. In this event, the contestants tried to outwit one another with their clever ideas expressed with clarity and fluency. JAM Sketching was the exclusive Ragam event where the speed and skill of artists were put to test. A Clay Modelling contest was also held. `Duplicate' was a crowd puller where two participants of a team danced to the same number in coordination without actually seeing one another.

The Western Solo and classical dance contest were also held on the second day.. Mr and Ms Ragam, at the Informals stage was an event where the participants were put through a set of gruelling rounds that tested not only their wits and skills but also their ability to perform under pressure.

The show by playback singer Shaan on Friday evening was the biggest event of Ragam 07. The results are (in order of the first three prizes):

Extempore (Hindi): Ashish Sharma (NIT-C).

Antakshiri (Hindi): Ashish Sharma, Soumya Shringi (NIT-C).

Group Dance: Government. Medical College, Thrissur; Loyola College, Chennai; College of Engineering, Thiruvananthapuram.