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Scissors recovered from the stomach of a patient who had a surgery to remove tumour

KOZHIKODE: A pair of scissors was removed through surgery from the stomach of a patient who arrived with severe colic pain, at the Government Medical College Hospital here on Saturday.

The scissors was recovered from the left side of the stomach of 65 - year-old Akkupoyil Achuthan. The scissors which was extricated from the stomach measured around five-and-half inches.

The presence of the scissors in the stomach of the patient was revealed in the X-rays taken after he was brought to the hospital.

Even after it was clear that it was scissors that was inside the patient's stomach, he had to spend more than 17 hours at the MCH before a surgery was conducted on him.

According to relatives, Mr. Nair had undergone a surgery at the MCH in April 2005. The likelihood was that the scissors was trapped in the stomach during that surgery, it was pointed out.

A tumour weighing 6 kg had been removed from the patient's stomach then.

Sources alleged that though the patient was in severe pain and the X-ray was taken in the morning, the relatives were not informed of the presence of the scissors.

Medical College sources said Mr. Nair was fine after the operation.