What's special : It is one day in the year when 'each second is auspicious'. Scholars and astrologers tell us that there is no need to look for a good 'muhurtam' on this day.What you can do : It's a good day for new beginnings – new ventures and for new purchases.

Buying gold is seen to be auspicious on this day, and is thought to bring undiminished good luck. Giving away gifts and alms is also said to bring you increased merit.

Astrologically: The sun and the moon are at their brightest on this day. Akshaya Tritiya myths : The day when Draupadi receives the Akshaya Pathram from Krishna in the Mahabharatha. The myth talks about how the wife of the Pandavas escapes the wrath of the sages thanks to a vessel that offers inexhaustible food gifted by Lord Krishna. Another myth talks of the unselfish love of Sudama for Krishna. Sudama takes a gift of puffed rice for Krishna and is blessed with wealth and love from his friend. Veda Vyasa is also said to have begun writing the epic Mahabharatha on this day.

Sandhya Sridhar