The beauties that sparkle forever

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IN GREAT DEMAND: Diamond-studded jewellery on display at shop in Kochi. Photo: H. Vibhu
IN GREAT DEMAND: Diamond-studded jewellery on display at shop in Kochi. Photo: H. Vibhu

Diamonds were considered to be the preserve of the elite. They are admired by many, but possessed by a few, owing to the high prices involved. The top range of prices made it a dream possession to the middleclass. But times have changed. The ever-increasing demand for gold has made its reverberations in the diamond market too. The diamond is apparently gaining popularity as the gold market makes headway.

With trendy designs, available at prices affordable to the middle class, diamond has come a long way. It has become a fashionable practice to purchase a diamond ring for engagement and similar functions these days, says P.P. Sunny, a diamond dealer in the city.

Diamond studded jewellery are available at various outlets and branded ones have made their entry into the market. With different players vying for a better slot in the market, the options for the customer have also grown. A dealer as part of the sales package is offering an insurance cover for the diamond-studded jewellery. Similar offers are available at several other outlets too.

The craze for possessing heavy jewellery is on the wane, observes Paresh Das, an expert in bullion and diamond market. It follows that there is ample demand for diamonds. There are people who exchange gold for diamond, he says. This is to ensure that the wealth in one's own possession is not subjected to erosion in the value when the gold prices tumble.

The awareness about the diamond is on the rise because of the sales of the branded ones, says Mr.Das.

The clarity, colour and shape are significant factors in the diamond deal. There is a clarity grading system, which indicates the `inclusions' or specks of minute particles visible to the onlooker. As regards colour, the range includes colourless, yellow, purple, red and blue. The shapes include round, oval, pear and heart.

Each diamond is unique, with a beauty of its own. Perhaps the strength and the charm arising out of the sparkling beauty have made the diamond a symbol of love, one that glitters forever.




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