What do you feel when young ones less than half your age shoot answers to tough and tricky questions in a split second, that too answers you are clueless about? Disappointment, frustration, inferiority complex?

The adults can brood. But, for the young participants who thronged the Tagore Centenary Hall, where the Kozhikode regional edition of The Hindu Young World Quiz was held on Monday, it was sheer elation.

They cheered and shouted in approval till the winner finally emerged after the two-hour event. Questions at the ninth edition of the annual quiz event ranged from Chandrayan 1 and Barack Obama to Aravind Adiga, covering a wide spectrum from history to astrophysics. There were some region-specific questions too like ‘Who referred to Kozhikode as ‘Kalifo?’ (For the benefit of the aforementioned sulking adults, the answer is the Chinese.)

Questions were also hurled at the audience who at times shot back promptly. Some came up with the wildest guesses possible, bringing the house down in the process.

The six teams that made into the finals after the 25-query prelims, fought it out brilliantly in an array of pulsating rounds such as ‘Jai Hind,’ ‘Multimedia Mix,’ ‘Take Your Pick,’ and ‘Anything Goes.’

A ‘snake-and-ladder’ format was introduced this time, through which quiz master V.V. Ramanan kept the audience’s attention riveted on his gripping presentation.

The contest saw Bharathiya Vidya Bhavan, Chevayur, leading the battle initially with 30 points till the defending champion of the Kozhikode edition of the event

Auxillium Navajyothi HSS raced from behind to outsmart them. Silver Hills HSS Kozhikode, Devagiri, CMI Public School, Kozhikode, and Chinmaya Vidyalaya English Medium School, Kozhikode, were the other finalists in that order.

The winning team of Auxillium Navajyothi HSS, comprising Joel Oommen and Sachin R. Das, will represent the region in the all-India finals to be held at Visakhapatnam on November 13.

The event came to an end with the wise words of writer M.T. Vasudevan Nair, who was the chief guest of the occasion. “In contests like quiz, all the participants are winners as the pursuit of knowledge is the aim of the whole endeavour,” MT said. The writer also gave away prizes to the winners.

Jabir Mushthari