No one can guess the genre of music that they play from their name. It seems the band members thought the same before zeroing in upon ‘Cold Night for Alligators.’ The five-member metal band from Denmark who will be performing at Dhanak, the annual cultural festival of the Indian Institute of Space Science and Technology at Valiamala here on Sunday, shared their experiences and expectations of their first tour to India with The Hindu .

“We got that name from a popular font available on the Internet. It sounds so random that it would suit even a pop band or a disco band. We did not want to have dark names and sound all serious,” says drummer Niklas Shroder.

This odd name is not an aberration. Rather, it seems to be the defining character of the band, which has consciously avoided anything that will go with what they call the ‘stereotypes’ of a metal band. “We wanted to be true to ourselves in the music we create, and in the way we look. We did not want to fit into a standard template, nor do we want people to put us into a box. The band members are open to all kinds of musical influences, though we play djent and progressive metal,” says guitarist Roar Jakobsen.

Vocalist Sebastian Beronius, who also writes the lyrics, says that when creating songs, his words come in last.

“I come into the picture once the guitar and drum parts are ready. The themes I deal in are mostly on a personal level and are vague. So, every listener has something to take away from it,” he says.

The band, formed in 2008, has over the years released two EPs. In 2011, it won the award for the Best Metal Act in the Danish Underground Metal Awards. “The award has not changed our fortune much back home. We still remain popular largely among a niche audience,” says guitarist Kristoffer Jessen.

Their musical influences range from ‘Meshuggah’ to ‘Born of Osiris.’ As far as Indian music goes, they have only listened to two bands till date. “We listened to the thrash metal band ‘Chaos’ who will be playing with us on Sunday. We also caught the band ‘Skyharbor’ live in the U.K. a few months ago,” says Niklas. They do expect a lot from the new crowd that they will be playing to on Sunday. “We have heard that people here do react to your music if it impresses them. So we are expecting a lot of headbanging youngsters,” says Niklas.