Communist Party of India (CPI) State secretary C.K. Chandrappan has sought Congress MP Sashi Tharoor's resignation in the light of the Shunglu committee's finding that the Commonwealth Games organising committee had paid him over Rs.15 lakh as consultancy fee.

In a statement here on Friday, Mr. Chandrappan pointed out that the organising committee had not clarified what services Mr. Tharoor had rendered. According to the report, he was paid over Rs.10 lakh for having visited the games organising committee office 12 times. In addition, he was paid Rs.4.34 lakh towards air fare. The money was deposited in his bank account in Dubai when he was a Minister at the Centre. The Shunglu committee's inference was that there was no justification for payment of such a hefty sum. Mr. Tharoor had resigned as Central Minister following corruption charges in connection with the formation of the Kochi IPL team. The Congress leadership should now ask him to resign as Member of Parliament as well, he said.

The CPI leader also sought a public apology from Congress legislator T.N. Prathapan and his exit from the coming Assembly election in the light of a Vigilance investigation instituted against him in connection with the implementation of the ‘Snehatheeram' project in his constituency. Mr. Prathapan should y withdraw his nomination papers, he said.