Pipe bursts, power outages hit supply

Many weeks before the searing summer to set in, the town and its peripheral areas are reeling under acute shortage of water, owing partly to frequent disruption in water supply.

The number of pipe-water consumers has increased manifold with the wells and other water sources drying up, much earlier than the usual time of the year.

The Anjarakandy river, which is the main source of water for the municipality, according to Kerala Water Authority officials here, has water for just two more months to sustain with water stored in a wier to the highest capacity. The Anjarakandy water supply scheme, which was commissioned in 1971, has primo pipes which are worn out in many areas in the 16-km stretch from the treatment plant at Mayilady to the municipality.

Breakage on the pipe leads to a 40 per cent water loss which contributes to the acute water scarcity.

Nearly 7 km pipeline had been re-laid with ductile iron pipes three years ago, while the work on the remaining stretch has been progressing.

All repair works of the shutter and other related machinery have been completed for a smooth supply. However, recurrent power disruption hits the water supply badly.

Intermittent power cuts in the daytime have been a major causative factor for the water shortage, says K. Ashok Kumar, assistant executive engineer, KWA.

Due to low voltage, water is not pumped from 5.30 p.m. to 11 p.m. It takes three hours for water from the pumping station to reach the destination once pumping resumes, while a power disruption during the three-hour period leads to water reverting to the source. This also causes damage to the non-return valve as water surges back in full force, causing further damage to the already worn-out pipes. Pleas have been made to exclude the Keezhallur pumping station from power cuts, though it has no a dedicated feeder line. However, it has been temporarily exempted from unannounced power cuts.

The ongoing pipeline work is expected to be completed before the next monsoon.

  • Anjarakandy wier has water for just two more months

  • Pipeline work expected to be completed before monsoon