Staff Reporter

Seven teachers were arrested at cluster meeting for ‘obstructing its conduct.’

KOTTAYAM: The members of the joint action council, formed by various service organisations of school teachers to protest against the cluster training programmes, has called for an inquiry into the incidents at the cluster meeting held at MT Seminary Higher Secondary School in the town on Saturday.

According to council leaders, the meeting on Saturday was organised for the teachers from Kottayam East and Kottayam West educational sub districts. The meetings had attracted widespread protests from teachers who alleged that these were not properly designed.

They maintained that the meetings scheduled on holidays were only aimed at the disbursal of funds availed by the State under Sarva Sikhsa Abhiyan (SSA). On Saturday, when the cluster meeting began, a section of the teachers stayed away as a mark of protest.

Police soon arrived on the scene and with their permission the representatives of the protesting teachers addressed those who were attending the meeting. Seven of the teachers were arrested for obstructing the conduct of the meeting and they were ‘dragged’ to the police vehicle, council members said.

Another teacher who questioned the way the protesters were being handled by the police was mercilessly beaten up by the police, they said. Jigi, a teacher with the Chinmaya Vidyalaya, Moolavattom has been admitted to the Kottayam district hospital with head injuries, they added.

The teachers took out a protest march through the town and held a public meeting at the Gandhi Square.