The City Police, on Wednesday, remanded an alleged loan shark, Ambu alias Ambalamukku Ambu, 30, under the provisions of the Kerala Anti-Social Activities (Prevention) Act [KAAPA].

City Police Commissioner P. Vijayan had earlier arrested him on the charge of lending money at usurious rates of interest and using physical threat to retrieve it.

The police had found him to be in the illegal possession of a whole set of documents ranging from signed but blank cheques, similar promissory notes, passports, registration books of vehicles, un-accounted money, title deeds, and sale agreements for landed properties, sought as collateral for loans.

In 2011, the police had arrested him on the charge of attempting to hijack the luxury car of a businessman who owed him money. Mr. Vijayan said Ambu was inextricably linked to the city’s underworld and was accused in several cases, including causing grievous hurt, extortion, criminal trespass, and intimidation.