Steps to check unlawful trade

Following confirmed reports of misuse of and unlawful trade in tranquillizer drugs, abortifacients, and sexual stimulants, the Drugs Control Department has introduced a stringent checking mechanism to cover seven such drugs to ensure fair trade in the sector.

The list of the drugs has been prepared after closely monitoring and analysing the purchase and sales details of major distributors in the district.

Drugs Control Department officials said the seven drugs identified were Dextropropoxyphene, Codeine, Nitrazepam, Mifepristone, Sildenafil, Tadalafil, and Pentazocine and their formulations. Mifepristone, one of the most misused abortifacients, will be brought under stringent checks as its consumption is on the increase, Vigilance reports of the department in the district show.

A senior official of the Vigilance wing of the department told The Hindu here on Friday that some of the doctors who had private practices in the city were found to have secret deals with the distributors for the bulk purchase of the above-mentioned drugs, especially Mifepristone, and their resale at a higher price.

Vigilance reports show that nearly 60 per cent of Mifepristone brought for trade in the district is going directly into the hands of some doctors in the private sector. It has also been found that the drug is sold to patients after thorough examination of their financial standing and circumstances leading to abortion.

As part of the secret inquiry, the Vigilance team has identified 10 doctors who are reportedly regular purchasers of the Mifepristone drug and resell it for an increased amount. “We have got reliable evidence to prove that the medicine, with a retail value of Rs.1,400, has been sold for Rs.8,000,” official sources said.

Records must

Under the newly introduced checking mechanism, wholesalers in the trade are bound to keep an acknowledgement slip of the medicines sold to doctors. For doctors who do not have drug licence, the purchase order with their registration details and signature will be made mandatory for supply of the medicines. Corrections in the invoice will be strictly discouraged and the dealers will be legally bound to submit the monthly sales details to the department.

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