Can SRK fill the Big B's boots in Kaun Banega Crorepathy? That was the question in the minds of most TV viewers when Shah Rukh Khan replaced veteran actor Amitabh Bachchan as the host in the second edition of KBC, the popular TV quiz programme.

Weeks into the new programme, viewers are now looking forward to each episode. Most of the keen watchers of the programme admit that SRK's exuberance and mannerisms have created an appeal quite different from the Big B's unique baritone voice and awesome screen presence.

Whole families are now huddled in front of the TV to watch the hour-long programme. Tear- jerking soap operas are out and so are current affairs programmes, film music clips and even sports events. Each question elicits an enthusiastic response from the home audience, as children vie with their grandparents to anticipate SRK's reaction.

And woe befalls the relative or family friend who chooses the timing of the KBC programme to visit the household. He has the option to join the fun or get the cold shoulder from the whole family.