When it comes to the vexed question of garbage disposal, even the student community seems to have a definite say.

A group of students of Mannam Memorial Residential Higher Secondary School set an example in civic responsibility by conducting a study on the scope of profitable disposal of waste generated in urban areas.

Hundred houses

The students surveyed the method of waste disposal in over hundred houses in Thiruvananthapuram Corporation area to study the situation and arrive at their conclusion.

K. Ayswariya, the project leader, and her classmates V. Akhil, V.S. Ashik, A. Sruthi, and A.S. Abhijit visited Corporation Mayor K. Chandrika on Thursday and submitted the findings of their study.


In the study, the students also suggested varied options to dispose of waste profitably at the household and community levels.

Their teacher Jayashree was the guide.