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Entrance test for admission to RGUHS courses

All Government seats are now reserved for students from Karnataka onlyAggrieved students say this fact was not mentioned in notification or prospectusThey find their chances of getting admission for RGUHS courses blocked The university published the results on May 22 and the rank-list on May 29

THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: Non-Karnataka students who had taken the postgraduate entrance test for admission to the courses offered by the Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences (RGUHS) in Karnataka are an aggrieved lot.

After they had taken the test paying the application fee and fulfilling all other stipulations, they find their chances of gaining admission for the courses effectively blocked by a new Government of Karnataka order reserving all Government seats in the university for students hailing from Karnataka.

The Government order victimises not only Kerala students, but also several students from Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh and Maharashtra, who had taken the entrance test and had got into the rank-list published by the RGUHS, a group of students said in a statement released here on Saturday.

The entrance test for admission to the postgraduate courses in Ayurveda, Homoeopathy, Nursing, Pharmacy and Physiotherapy of the RGUHS was held in Bangalore on May 14 this year. The university published the results and marks obtained by the candidates on its website on May 22. And the rank list was published on May 29.

The website also came out with the information that "as per the Government of Karnataka order dated May 17, 2006, the candidates listed under non-Karnataka rank list are not eligible for counselling for the Government seats in Government colleges and Government seats in private colleges of Karnataka."

The Kerala students, in their statement, note that neither the university's notification on the entrance test, nor the brochure supplied to the candidates along with the application form, had mentioned that the Government seats for the courses were reserved for Karnataka students.

The notification and the brochure had clearly mentioned that any Indian student with the required basic qualifications was eligible for admission to the RGUHS courses, the students said.

"The RGUHS had notified the entrance examinations and collected the application fee from students promising equal opportunity to candidates from all States in the country. At the time of the entrance test on May 14 also, the presumption was that students from all Indian States would be treated on par. To change the entire equation through a Government order subsequently has no justification," the students said.