Even as a section of young motorcycle owners continue to spill blood of innocents on the roads in their pursuit of speed, a select group of bike owners has steadfastly practiced responsible driving, setting a model for society.

While ownership of Bullet bikes is what unites 35 members of the Bullet Buddhas, a club of Royal Enfield motorcycle owners in the city formed in 2007, an equally important uniting factor is their strict adherence to traffic rules. “We also do our share in creating awareness on traffic rules through campaigns just as we had done in association with the Motor Vehicles Department soon after Rishi Raj Singh assumed charge as the Transport Commissioner,” said Cibin Moothedam, media head of the club.

At present, the club has about 25 hang-arounds — people who are interested in joining the club — in addition to 35 members.

The club has set a plethora of conditions to admit someone as a member. The prospective members should attend four to five meetings of the club held on Sundays, take part in city ride and an overnight ride which will help assess the character and their general observance of traffic rules, and more importantly, the decision to admit someone should be unanimous.

We have restricted membership to just three a year, which explains why the club has only 35 members in its almost seven years of existence. We don’t want to have a situation where members wearing our logo, badge, and T-shirt bring disrepute to the club by their behaviour. We will cancel the membership of any member found to have engaged in reckless driving,” Mr. Moothedam said.