The district health authorities are working on elaborate preventive measures to help people take precaution against communicable diseases as part of monsoon preparedness.

The focus is on dengue fever, chikungunya, leptospirosis and water-borne diseases like hepatitis A that remains a threat in different areas of the district. About 155 cases of dengue were reported so far this year in the district.

A five-member health promotion team will be formed in the rural areas.

Each team will visit 50 houses in their respective areas to promote health awareness. There are 1,386 wards with 500-600 houses in each ward. The sanitation monitoring squads will monitor cleaning activities in the wards.

The idea is to disseminate information on source reduction (breeding sources of vectors like mosquitoes), waste management in the house and chlorination of potable water. Every Sunday will be observed as “dry day” to emphasise the need to keep areas clear of stagnant water.