135 acres of land taken possession of

Kerala State Industrial Development Corporation (KSIDC) Ltd. has taken possession of 135 acres of land at Kuttiyadi in Kozhikode to establish a coconut bio park.

Entrepreneurs in the coconut sector will be allotted land there, according to T.K. Jose, chairman, Coconut Development Board.

The board would extend processing technology along with 25 per cent subsidy from the Technology Mission on Coconut, he said.

He was addressing a meeting of investors in the sector in Kozhikode recently organised by Kerala State Industrial Development Corporation, in association with the Coconut Development Board, Department of Tourism, Government of Kerala, and Kerala Agriculture University.

He said that the board would make efforts to find out new markets for value-added coconut products produced in the park.

Premium position

Though India held a premium position in coconut production, the country lagged behind others in terms of value addition.

A small country such as Sri Lanka, which had a lesser coconut production than that of Kerala, was exporting coconut products four times than that of India, he said.

220 units

India could establish only 220 coconut processing units in the last decade.

During the 12th Five Year Plan period, the board is planning to identify 200 entrepreneurs every year.

Preliminary steps

The board has started preliminary steps for identifying market for coconut products in 63 cities in India.

The board is proposing to conduct investors’ meeting in all major coconut growing States.