State’s response to petitions against MVD drive

The State government on Monday informed the High Court that frequent inspections are being conducted on private buses as bus operators had started tampering with the speed governors.

The government said in a statement that in the wake of bus accidents at Tirur and Thelakaddavu on August 30 and September 6 respectively, the Motor Vehicles Department (MVD) had issued directions to officers to conduct frequent inspections of stage carriages to prevent such manipulations.

The installation of speed governors was a prerequisite for registration and renewal of fitness certificates. The action of the department in conducting inspection to detect tampering was not a wrong one. When the law permitted imposition of speed limits by the authorities and when binding judgments had allowed installation of speed governors, the claim of the petitioners to the contrary was totally ill-founded, the statement said.

The petitioner’s plea (seeking extension of the deadline to fit speed governors), if allowed, would amount to contempt of the relevant Supreme Court relevant order.

The statement was filed in response to petitions challenging the MVDs drive. By intensifying the inspection, the authorities wanted to ensure the safety of citizens by bringing down accident rates.

Though all stage carriages installed speed governors at the time of renewal of fitness certificates, it was being tampered with or seen removed later, the statement added.

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