Modern treatment plants to come up at seven places

The government hopes to find a permanent solution to the garbage crisis in the State by December 2013 with the commissioning of modern treatment plants at seven locations.

Director, Suchitwa Mission, George Chackacherry said here on Wednesday that the first plant of 35 tonnes capacity was slated to come up at Chalai in Thiruvananthapuram by March 2013. It would be an integrated system employing gasification, biomethanation, and resource recovery.

The other plants would be established at Brahmapuram in Ernakulam; Laloor in Thrissur; Njeliamparamba in Kozhikode; Chelora in Kannur; Vaduvathoor in Kottayam; and Kollam.

The plants would be set up as public-private partnership projects under the design-build-finance-operate-transfer (DBFOT) model.

These would be handed over to the government after 20 years. He said 100 acres of land had been identified to set up the plant at Brahmapuram.

In a presentation made during a consultation with scientists and technical experts on using abandoned quarries for sanitary landfill, Mr. Chackacherry said the modern treatment plants would supplement the source-level garbage treatment projects and upgrade of existing facilities for solid waste management.

The government, he said, would take a final decision next week on establishing a garbage bailing unit in Thiruvananthapuram.

“Negotiations are on with bidders for the PPP project. The government will provide land to set up the bailing plant to compact the waste and store the bails in racks for up to two years. The bails can be transferred to the sanitary landfills to be set up in abandoned quarries,” he said.

The fabrication of the mobile incinerator ordered by the Suchitwa Mission had been completed in Ahmedabad, he said.

“The registration of the vehicle has been transferred to the mission and it is expected to be here soon. The diesel-powered incinerator, the first of its kind in the country, will have a capacity to handle one tonne of garbage per hour,” Mr. Chackacherry said.

The mobile incinerator was fabricated at a cost of Rs.2.2 crore.

He said the project to use abandoned quarries for sanitary landfill would be extended to other districts if found successful in Thiruvananthapuram.

“Our effort will be to demonstrate that the project can be implemented without creating an environmental nightmare,” he said.

  • First plant to come up at Chala in

    State capital

  • Decision soon on garbage bailing unit


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