A Correspondent

KATTAPPANA: The stage is set for the two-day International Paragliding Championship beginning in Wagamon, Idukki district, on Friday with pilots from around the world who have arrived here, completing two days of trial fligh ts. The event, being held for the fourth time in Wagamon, has pilots from various countries matching their skills to win the Rs-50,000 cash prize.

Wagamon, which was till recently only an offbeat tourism destination for travellers from the State, has found a place in the international tourism map. In addition to paragliders from India, those from Nepal, Russia, the U.S., France, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, New Zealand, Thailand, Brazil and Hungary are also testing their skills.

On Tuesday and Wednesday, the paragliders conducted trial runs to test the terrain and the wind conditions. The Wagamon Destination Management Council, formed by the District Tourism Promotion Council, is one of the organisers of the programme. The authorities have taken efforts to ensure participation by record holders in paragliding events.