Special Correspondent

A police case has been registered against school authorities

KANNUR: A local English medium school near Irikkur here faces charge of carelessness of its staff that has left a four-year-old boy in a traumatic ordeal of finding himself locked up in his classroom for nearly three hours.

The distress situation experienced by the boy identified as Prayag, an LKG student in Providence English Medium School at Peruvalathuparamba, exposed the culpability of the school authorities in their negligence that also subjected the boy’s parents to mental torment for hours.

The Irikkur police registered a case against the school authorities on a complaint by the brother of the boy’s father C.C. Prakashan. Though the incident took place on July 1, it came to light on July 2 when some visual mediapersons who went to the school were manhandled while taking visuals of the school on Wednesday afternoon.

Falls asleep

According to the police, the school staff left the school at 3.30 p.m. after locking up classrooms after class hours. Prayag who fell asleep in the classroom was not noticed by the staff who locked up the classroom.

When he woke up, he found himself stranded in his locked up classroom and underwent the ordeal till 6.30 p.m. when some people who heard his cries brought him out of the classroom.

Though a school staff later took him to his house much to the relief of his mother and family, they came to know of the incident when the child told them.

The police said that a case was registered against the authorities of the unaided school run by a trust under section 342 (wrongful confinement).

Mediapersons attacked

A separate case was also registered on a complaint by mediapersons who were allegedly attacked by a person identified as Sarvothaman Nambiar.

The school authorities, however, denied having any involvement in the attack on mediapersons.