Staff Reporter

PALAKKAD: The annual festival of Sreerama Temple of Poomully Mana at Peringode will be held on May 8 and 9. It will start with a ‘sudhikalasam’ followed by Thayambaka, Pancharimelam, Panchavadyam etc. There will be Carnatic music concerts and cultural programmes on May 9.

The history

The history of the temple is closely associated with the history of Poomully Mana, once considered to be the home of the richest Namboothiri family which migrated from Thrissur to Peringode more than 1000 years ago.

The Mana started the construction of this Pattabhirama temple. The construction was completed by Poomully Narayanan Namboothirippad (father of Aram Thampuran) 150 years ago. The architect was Vellinezhi Namboothirippad, who was also the architect of the main ‘pathayappura’ of Poomully Mana.

Patrons of art

The contributions of Poomully Mana (especially Poomully Aram Thampuran and Ezham Thampuran) played a key role in the promotion of Pancharimelam, Thayambaka, Kathakali, Panchavadyam etc.


After the demise of Poomully Aramthampuran, the Poomully Aram Thampuran Smaraka Trust was formed under the chairmanship of Poomully Narayanan Namboothirippad (son of Aram Thampuran) with the objective of promoting and preserving the heritage of Poomully Mana and Peringode.