Strong steps taken by the police for ensuring safer bus travel are well appreciated. But speed governor alone is not the panacea as speed control is not the only factor that can make bus travel safer and smoother. Total disregard to lane discipline, tendency to overtake other buses, lack of discipline at bus stops, jumping queue while waiting at traffic lights etc are other factors that breed accidents. Why is it that the police are not taking steps to correct these failures on the part of the bus operators? Heavy fine for breaking good driving practices will create a fear and respect for discipline.

—George. C. Oommen, Padivattom

Police Commissioner K.G. James

Speed governor is a speed-limiting device, which alone can’t minimise accidents. There are so many other important factors to be considered for a healthy driving. Reckless driving, drink-driving, not obeying traffic rules, contempt for road discipline are the main causes for accidents. The drivers of public transport vehicles should have a minimum experience of five years and be aware of traffic rules. Once this condition comes into effect with proper follow-up action, the number of road accidents can be brought down. The traffic police are conducting periodic checks on the violation of traffic norms and have taken action on such incidents too. As part of traffic awareness campaign, we have been organising seminars, workshops and other programmes for the drivers to promote the practice of good driving. Various other measures, including sudden checking of vehicles, will be intensified during Onam festival season.

TV cables hanging loose is common at many places in the city, posing a threat to road users. The recent incident in which a motorcyclist died after getting entangled in a cable hanging low across the road is a pointer to the seriousness of the matter. There have been occasions when heavy vehicles have hit overhead cable TV lines on pocket roads. There were intensive drives by the corporation and the district administration to remove flex boards and hoardings placed in junctions and other prominent areas, obstructing visibility. Will the authorities take urgent measures to avert incidents like the death of the young man?

—Meera Mahesh, Tripunithura.


Tony Chammany

The entangled cables in many parts of the city are creating major problem to commuters and motorcyclists. The city administration has taken up this matter of grave importance. The clustered cable wires at every nook and corner of the city is threatening the free movement of motorcyclists and also damaging city’s aesthetic beauty. The city administration has begun issuing notifications for removing hanging cables in specific areas. The work has begun and is progressing, covering many important parts of the city. We have completed work on MG Road and many other important locations and will soon move to other parts of the city too. I believe we can tackle this issue in a much effective way with the support from the people and the residents associations.

Compiled by

K.K. Sankaran