Police teams in plainclothes to patrol city buses

Men who harass young girls and women in buses would be in serious trouble in Thrissur soon.

District Police Chief P.H. Ashraf said the rural police will start ‘ghost patrolling’ in busy routes in the district during late hours.

“Men and women belonging to police department will soon travel in buses wearing plainclothes on all key routes to catch such perverted elements red-handed,” Mr. Ashraf said.

The police department has been flooded with complaints galore about how the men, especially in the evenings, go berserk. Disgusting acts such as passing lewd remarks and pawing from behind have made bus travel for college girls and working women a nightmare.

Neither the bus crew nor co-passengers, including women, come to a woman’s rescue when she becomes the target of such acts.

The scene gets worse after sunset as there would not be too many female passengers, but have a lot of drunk male co-passengers. Women have also been forced to put up with the men’s refusal to vacate the seats meant for ladies. “The situation is so bad that the women feel like cattle taken to the abattoir when they have to board the bus,” says Sheela, a working woman. “There is little security in a bus. Women feel that they are fortunate if their journey ended without an unpleasant experience,” she says.

The women activists have been seeking more active intervention of the police to protect the dignity of women in public places against the backdrop of alarming increase in cases of violence against women. The district police also has plans to create awareness among general public about emergency helpline numbers.

“We will stick emergency toll free numbers including ‘Women’s Cell – 1091’, ‘Police – 100’ and ChildLine ‘1098’ in buses, bus stations, bus stops and educational institutions,” Mr. Asharaf said.

Any woman facing either physical or mental harassment, or being subjected to intimidation and trauma, can contact the police immediately by dialling 1091 and take their help. The ChildLine is the 24-hour emergency toll-free telephone helpline for children in distress.

  • A number of complaints from women of harassment by perverts on buses

  • Police to create awareness about emergency helpline numbers