‘Sale of soda in plastic bottles is legally permitted'

The Kerala Re-fill Pet Bottle Soda Manufacturers and Distributors Association has refuted allegations that soda sold in plastic bottles is not safe for health.

There should be an inquiry into the conditions in which soda is manufactured, association president U. Rajeesh and secretary K. Vibeesh said at a press conference here on Wednesday.

The association would launch an agitation immediately if the campaign against soda sold in plastic bottles does not stop, they said.

The association would lodge complaints with the District Collector and Food Inspector.

“The sale of soda in plastic bottles is permitted by law. There is no law which says refilling of soda should be done only in glass bottles and plastic bottles should not be used for that purpose. Even established soft drink manufacturers use plastic bottles for up to six months for filling soda. So the allegation that soda sold in plastic bottles is harmful to health is baseless. We challenge those marketing soda in glass bottles to prove their charge,” the office-bearers said.

The re-useable plastic bottles [used by manufacturers] do not pose environmental hazards as these are pressure-cleaned before filling, they said. The association office-bearers also called upon the authorities concerned and the public to visit soda-manufacturing units to find out if manufacture and sale of soda was being done under hygienic conditions.