Treatment of financially backward children

The Kerala Social Security Mission will mobilise Rs.100 crore for facilitating the treatment of financially backward children and the protection of women and senior citizens.

The contribution of local self-government institutions through payment gateway will be encouraged by the government to mobilise the fund.

Minister for Panchayats and Social Welfare M.K. Muneer, who explained the project details at a review meeting here on Friday, said the panchayats would be encouraged to contribute from their annual Plan fund with the approval of the District Planning Committee. Individuals and institutions too would be contacted to mobilise funds, he said.

The fund, according to Dr. Muneer, would mainly be utilised for cancer treatment of children below 18 years of age. Each child would get a financial aid of Rs.50,000 under the scheme, he said, adding that other eligible children would be extended support for buying medicines under the Thalolam scheme.

Dr. Muneer also announced the plan of the Social Security Mission to launch Aswasa Kiran project for the treatment of bedridden patients. The project, piloted in Palakkad district, would be launched in Kozhikode next month, he promised.

According to Dr. Muneer, the mission had already received 400 applications from various parts of Kozhikode district to get the benefit of the Aswasa Kiran scheme. The patients enrolled under the scheme would be eligible for a monthly aid of Rs.400, he said.

A high-end vehicle with facilities to do cryosurgery for women too would be realised by the Social Security Mission in the coming fiscal. “Free cancer detection camps would be organised to help maximum number of women who are struggling to get quality treatment,” he added.

  • It will take up protection of women, the elderly

  • Panchayats to be urged to chip in from Plan fund