The city police on Thursday arrested six persons on charge of attacking P.K. Shajahan alias Thammanam Shaji and his brother P.K. Nizar. Shaji, who is on the city police’s goonda list, had suffered cuts on his head and his brother’s two fingers were chopped off during a scuffle between activists of two political parties in Thammanam last week.

The tension had been prompted by one party putting up a flagpost at Thammanam junction about two weeks ago.

The police arrested Sujith, 31, of Ponnurunni; Shihab, 33, and Vinal Kumar, 41, both of Chalikkavattom; Jiso, 29, Chakkaraprambu; Jayachandran, 51, and Thulasichandran, 49, both of Vennala, in connection with the case. The police said that the six arrested were part of a prominent trade union. — Staff Reporter