Have you ever been mesmerised by the sheen of white metal? Over the centuries, people all over the world have believed in the aesthetic, monetary, curative and the magical powers of silver. The metal is widely regarded as a symbol of prosperity, patience and peace.

Today, silver has an indispensable role in the various industries. The glamour of silver has revived recently in the fashion industry with the introduction of chic designer jewellery.

The traditional metal, which has been decorating damsels for centuries, is now in your reach in its contemporary look and feel. Silver Drops, Kottayam’s biggest silver boutique, showcases exquisite silver ornaments from Italy, UK, Hong Kong and a wide range of traditional Indian collection with antique finish.

The boutique also presents trendy fashion accessories and exceptional gift items. For those who seek rarity in fashion, Silver Drops exhibits an elite collection of leather and cloth bags along with handmade jewellery in paper, fabric and polymer clay.

The greatest advantage of silver jewellery, when it compared with imitation or fancy ornaments in the market, is its resale value. Once you wish to upgrade to the latest trend you can sell or exchange the jewellery after considering the market value of silver.

The hallmark of Silver Drops is the authenticity of the silver articles sold here. Every single piece displayed is genuine 92.5 sterling silver, a rare distinction that makes Silver Drops one among the few jewellers in Kerala, who deal exclusively with 92.5 sterling silver.

Compiled by

Ziad Siddique