Maleeha Raghaviah

KOZHIKODE: Seat-sharing parleys, new political configurations, allegations and counter-allegations between parties are typical of election time.

But a short documentary (56 minutes) made by a group of youth, ‘Asadhu’ (negative vote), seeks to highlight the fact there is no provision in the electronic voting machines (EVMs) for voters to declare that they do not wish to vote for any candidate mentioned on the list, for the reason that she/he doubted their capability to deliver on their promises.

Jimesh Putheri of Feroke in Kozhikode district, director, said the film sought to portray the helplessness of voters due to a lacuna in the EVM.

If the tenets of democracy are to be strengthened, provision should be made in the EVM for negative votes, he said.

The documentary was released recently on U Tube.

District Collector P.B. Salim said though there was no option in the EVM for negative vote, voters could inform the presiding officer of their decision not to vote.

Some European countries had negative vote provision in the EVM, the District Collector said.

Jimesh has earlier made a half-hour documentary ‘Edavazhikal.’

He is a carpenter and a regular contributor to a local monthly magazine.