The Kerala Students Union (KSU) has alleged that the Students Federation of India (SFI) is undermining democratic exercise on college campuses located in Communist Party of India (Marxist) [CPI(M)]-dominated areas.

KSU district president Sudheep James said in a statement here on Saturday that SFI activists were subverting college union election process by attacking KSU workers and preventing non-SFI candidates from filing nominations in colleges located in the 'party villages.'

Varsity poll

The college union election in colleges under the Kannur University is scheduled to be held on August 24.

He said that KSU workers, including the KSU's chairman candidate in the Our College of Applied Science and Economics at Thimiri, had been attacked by SFI and CPI(M) workers who came from outside.

The CPI(M) and SFI workers also intimidated KSU candidates at the IHRD College at Koothuparamba and stopped them from filing nominations.

Mr. James said the unilateral victory claimed by the SFI in colleges in the CPI(M)-dominant villages by subverting democratic processes was an affront to democracy, he said.