A State-level seminar on ‘Infection and Sterilisation’ on Sunday will discuss and draw up broad guidelines to address the steady rise in hospital-acquired infection that affects patients in Intensive Care Unit.

Organised jointly by the Indian Medical Association’s (IMA) Kanhangad unit, Comtrust Eye Hospital unit, and Kerala Society of Ophthalmic Surgeons, the seminar will include leading physicians from Kerala and paramedics.

The deliberations will be on how to evolve and bring to practice a comprehensive set of modules to prevent hospital-borne infection.

Following such guidelines was essential to ensure that critically ill patients were free from infection, said Sreeni Edakhlon, Chief Surgeon, SIMS Comtrust Eye Care Hospital. Such infection could be prevented if one strictly abided by the prescribed module, he told a press conference. The authorities should ensure that the norms, both to ward off infection and for sterilisation processes, were meticulously carried out, he said.

Relatives and friends of patients who were critically ill were very often found to be engaging in heated altercations with hospital staff if they were not allowed to visit the patients. People were also largely unaware of the sanitation protocols regarding uniforms, equipment sterilisation, washing, and other preventive measures in hospitals.

All these should be brought forth and hence the seminar would discuss threadbare the requisite steps that hospital staff and the people visiting patients needed to comply with. This assumed great significance as often the norms remained just on paper due to practical difficulties or due to lack of awareness.

Besides the deliberations on hospital-borne fungal and bacterial infection, the seminar would also talk about OT Design, Air Flow and Air Conditioning, and Post operative Infections.

The seminar was part of the State-level Continuing Medical Education programme, K.G. Pai, president of the IMA unit, said. It would be inaugurated by P. Karunakaran, MP at 9 a.m. Sukumaran, Medical Director, SIMS Comtrust Eye Hospital, K. K. Nambiar , General Manager, SIMS Comtrust Eye Hospital, were present.

  • To evolve treatment module to check infection

  • People largely unaware of sanitation protocols