There will be another round of experimental traffic reforms within the Kottayam town next week, according to District Police Chief M.P. Dinesh. He was interacting with journalists here on Friday. Mr. Dinesh said the district police unit was compelled to abandon the initial phase of reforms conducted recently primarily due to the shortage of traffic aids to streamline the flow of traffic effectively.

Parking areas

In an attempt to address the issue of lack of parking space in the town, Mr. Dinesh said that separate parking areas would be identified for the purpose. He also informed that a proposal has been put forth to the concerned authorities to decrease the size of the Round Tana (roundabout) in front of the

Kottayam Municipality headquarters. He added the use of signal lights would be minimised especially during peak hours when the flow of traffic will be manually streamlined by the traffic police.

Changes in the running routes of private service buses as well as KSRTC buses heading northwards are also on the anvil. As per the existing system, most of the KSRTC buses pass through the Pulimoodu junction twice thereby contributing to the congestion in the roads. Among the KSRTC buses heading north, there were 114 buses passing through the town between 8 a.m. and 11 a.m. There are eighty and hundred buses which proceed towards the same direction in the time segments of 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. and 3 p.m. to 9 p.m. respectively, he said. A proposal to ensure that these buses arriving from the South reached the bus depot directly from the Aida junction was under consideration. For implementing the plan, it would be necessary to modify the existing traffic island at the junction.

The District police chief was of the view that the large number of cars frequenting the town roads was the prime reason for the prevailing traffic woes. Owing to the fact that private service buses were used by a good number of passengers, it would be impractical to prevent or restrict the movement of such buses for the benefit of the lesser number of people using cars and other light motor vehicles.

The issue of making fare meters necessary in autorickshaws is proving to be a hard nut to crack for the district police unit. According to Mr. Dinesh, a round of talks had been conducted with leaders of various trade unions. However, such attempts have not attained favourable results. Discussions in this regard will soon be conducted with residents’ associations. Reacting to a query regarding the blade mafia in the district, Mr. Dinesh said that stringent measures had been adopted to prevent such illegal operations.

Cases have also been registered against 13 persons for engaging in illegal activities, he said.

The use of signal lights will be minimised especially during peak hours as part of the reforms.