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Ground-based system to guide aircraft

The total cost of the project is

Rs.7 crore

Possibility of extending the runway ruled out

KOZHIKODE: A second Instrument Landing System (ILS) at the Calicut International Airport in Karipur will be commissioned in June. “Experts from New Delhi are expected to arrive here this week to install the system. All ancillary works related to the installation have been completed,” airport director G. Chandamouli told The Hindu here on Monday.

He said he had written to the Airports Authority of India (AAI) in New Delhi requesting it to install the ILS, a ground-based system that will provide guidance to aircraft while approaching and landing on the runway. The additional ILS will be installed on the western end of the airport from Kozhikode side where there are no hills.

The existing ILS is located on the eastern side of the airport from Malappuram side. This side is hilly leading to hiccups during landing on the table-top runway at the Calicut airport. Pilots are usually asked to divert flights particularly during September to December on account of poor visibility in foggy weather conditions.

“The installation work will take about a week. The system will be commissioned after carrying out ground testing and flight calibration. The total cost of the project is Rs.7 crore,” Mr. Chandramouli, said.

The airport director ruled out the possibility of extending the runway from its existing 2,860 metres for the time being. There are no plans to further extend the runway, he said.

Initially the Calicut airport had a runway length of about 1,800 metres (6,000) but it was extended to its present length of 9,000 feet.