Project to instil sense of sanitation in students

The Department of Agriculture is working on a project to equip all government and aided schools in Kerala with biogas plants to generate cooking gas.

Minister for Agriculture K.P. Mohanan said here on Thursday that the project was conceived as a mechanism for waste disposal at source. He said the biogas plants would generate methane from the waste on the premises and vicinity of schools.

The gas would be used in the school kitchen to cook food for children, while the sludge obtained as a by-product could be used as organic manure for the vegetable garden maintained by students. The vegetables in turn would go into the meals prepared in the school kitchen.

Mr. Mohanan said the project was designed to instil a sense of sanitation in students and ensure their contribution to resolving the energy crisis.

He said it was also expected to attract children to agriculture and educate them about the importance of organic farm produce.

The project had been divided into three categories. Primary schools would be equipped with a biogas plant costing Rs.13,000 and capable of generating methane for one-hour of cooking.

Upper primary schools would get plants costing Rs.17,500 that could generate cooking gas for two hours. The costliest version worth Rs.23,500 could produce gas for two-and-a-half hours would be installed in high schools.

The Minister said the government had requested the Finance Commission for assistance to implement the Rs.25-lakh project.

  • Rs.25-lakh project by Agriculture Department

  • Gas to be used in school kitchen