Team found false HRA claims by doctors, officials

The Finance Inspection Department, which had conducted inspections in the Government TD Medical College, Vandanam, Alappuzha during July 2011, November 2011 and July 2012 detected irregularities there and has recommended action be taken against officials of the college.

The inspection team found that doctors/officers of the college had occupied government quarters and claimed House rent allowance. The excess claim as HRA and non-payment of rent by occupants of the government quarters of the college amounted to Rs. 4.8 lakh which the report has recommended to be recovered with 18 per cent penal interest. The list of those from whom the amount has to be recovered includes the then Principal and some of the other faculty members of the college.

The team also found misuse of PTA fund in connection with the inspection of the Indian Medical Council (IMC). “PTA fund to the tune of Rs 4.04 lakh maintained in SBT Vandanam branch with account no. 57036093549 has been diverted for IMC inspection purposes,” the report said.

The report points out that diversion of PTA funds in this manner is ‘highly irregular’ and against the ‘directions of the government in utilisation of PTA fund.’ “Most of the expenditure is incurred without proper receipts or vouchers,” it said.

The report asked the Department to recover Rs 31,949 which includes an amount of Rs 15,709 released to a doctor towards air flight charges, from the then Principal of the college. The report also found that the civil and electric works done in the college were arranged without inviting tenders.

“The Principal informed that most of the works are of emergency nature and immediate action was needed. But this practice is irregular,” it said.

The team also found misuse of department vehicles maintained by the college. Out of the 14 vehicles, four vehicles were not found during the time of inspection. Out of this 10 department vehicles, log book of eight of the vehicles were not maintained as per rules. “Hence the journeys performed in the above vehicles are to be treated as unauthorised journeys,” it said.

Hence the report recommended that an amount of Rs. 63,945 was to be recovered from the Administrative Officer, Accounts Officer, Junior Superintendent and Lower Division Clerk who handled the vehicle during January 2012 to July 2012 or from the controlling officer of the vehicles for the serious lapses.

  • Log book of college vehicles not maintained as per rules

  • Rs. 4 lakh PTA funds diverted for IMC inspection purposes