Chinese cuisine is considered one of the oldest cuisines.

But it is still the world's most popular cuisine.

The Chinese culinary art have gone through thousands of years of refinement and development and have been perfected through the ages.

The Chinese believe in four different aspects of food colours, aroma, taste and texture. Although there is widespread belief that Chinese food is all meat and fish, Taj Residency Calicut presents a choice of vegetarian and non-vegetarian menu in its ongoing Chinese Food Festival. You can order Chinese fare for lunch and dinner.

The menu at the food festival is chosen from the regions of Canton, Shanghai, Hakka, Peking, Szechuan, Hunan and Manchuria.

Canton in the southern part is known for its subtle flavouring and less fatty seafood specialities.

Peking, the northern part with harsh winter, is known for its preserved products produced by drying, smoking and pickling. Szechuan, the western region, is characterised by its dependence on strong flavouring and hot spices such as chillies, Szechuan pepper, ginger and garlic.

Shanghai is well known for its fruit and vegetable dishes and fresh fish.