Powers to local self governments to impose prohibition; letting people recall elected representatives if they fail to fulfil their constitutional obligations and a provision to cast “negative vote” if the voter feels none of the candidates in the fray is good enough to get his vote — these suggestions figure in a list of voters' rights mooted by the Kerala Sarvodaya Mandalam in what they call a ‘people's manifesto for elections', released here on Saturday.

While releasing the manifesto, T. Balakrishnan, general secretary of Kerala Sarvodaya Mandalam, expressed the hoped that it would enable the voters to choose the right candidate.

The manifesto also says that the number of Ministers in the State Cabinet should be restricted to seven. This was because decision-making authority had been passed on to local bodies following decentralisation of administration nearly 15 years ago. It also mooted mandatory powers to grama sabhas besides restoration of powers to local bodies to impose prohibition.

The salary and allowances of MLAs and MPs should be slashed and a legislation by which MPs and MLAs could be recalled if found to be working against the Constitution or people should be enacted, the manifesto said.

It also asked political parties to make a provision by which a social audit would be mandatory for all welfare programmes

‘Ideal candidate'

Bringing plantations within the ambit of land reforms; enactment of more laws to protect rivers, fields and hillocks; and identifying markets for products of small industries and farm produces instead of organising shopping festivals “that benefits only monopoly business houses” are other suggestions in the manifesto released by the Kerala Sarvodaya Mandalam.

According to the manifesto, the ideal candidate who should be elected has to be one who is not corrupt, does not use liquor or other intoxicants and who contests from the constituency in which he is also a voter.