It was proximity to the Marad beach area that mainly caused the ‘Sparsam’ employment units to be dysfunctional, District Collector K.V. Mohan Kumar has said.

He said this on Tuesday while announcing that a brainstorming session would be held to draw a blueprint to revive the employment units to promote women empowerment and communal harmony in the Marad area.

On February 7

The call for a meeting on Thursday (February 7) seems to be in reaction to media reports that the Sparsam project, meant to give employment opportunities for over 200 women, hit rough weather due to lack of funds and led to the closure of three units.

In his reaction on Tuesday, District Collector K.V. Mohan Kumar denied any lapse on the part of the district administration for the closure of the three units.

Instead, he reasoned that the units had become non-functional because of their close proximity to the beach area, which led to the rusting of machinery due to the “salty coastal winds” and the lack of working funds.

Mr. Mohan Kumar, in a statement, said he had visited the Marad Sparsam project as soon as he took over as District Collector.

“Even at that time, the soap and tailoring units was in a closed state. The binding unit closed down later,” an official statement from the district administration said.

Launched in 2010

Mr. Mohan Kumar’s predecessor, P.B. Salim had taken the initiative to launch the project in 2010 with a start-up fund of Rs.15 lakh granted by the Industry Department.

Fund outlay

Out of this, over Rs.11 lakh was spent on building construction.

The remaining Rs.4 lakh was spent on electricity, training, inauguration, repairing of equipment, and basic facilities. “There is only less than Rs.1,500 in the Sparsam bank account. No amount has been allocated this financial year for the project,” the statement said.


Mr. Mohan Kumar said that zero allocation for Sparsam might be because the principle behind the project was to generate funds and become self-sufficient.

Confirming media reports, District Collector said that, as of now, only the chappal unit was functioning under the project.

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