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New cases reported from Mukkom, Vadakara

4,818 people sought treatment for fever on Thursday

Focus on preventive measures

Kozhikode: Though the heavy rain is expected to contain viral fever as storm water churns up mosquito-breeding sources, most rural areas in the district are yet to be fully unshackled from its grip.

The office of District Medical Officer K.M. Noorul Ameen says that on Thursday, 4,818 people sought treatment for different kinds of fever in government hospitals, including the Government Medical College and the community health centres, in the district.

Health inspectors in the community health centres say the number of fever cases is falling in areas where it was reported first. “But the fever seems to be getting stronger in some new areas,” says a health inspector. Mukkom and Vadakara are among the areas where the number of cases is on the rise, say health officials.

The health authorities and medical experts suggest that environmental hygiene and preventive measures are crucial in containing fever.

P.K. Sasidharan, Professor and Head of the Department of Medicine, Government Medical College, Kozhikode, says only the measures taken by the public at the individual and community levels to maintain environmental hygiene will help.

“Rest and medical means to strengthen the immunity of the patient is the most important part of the treatment of viral fever; what is equally important are the preventive measures each individual should take to keep from being inflicted with the disease,” Dr. Sasidharan says.

He says people should take measures to curb the breeding of mosquitoes and use devices such as mosquito nets to escape from being bitten. Keeping the immunity levels intact is crucial in controlling the disease.