District panchayat chief says allocated sum insufficient

District panchayat president S. Jayamohan has said that in the backdrop of Kollam being declared drought hit, the State government should make an emergency allocation of Rs.50 crore to solve the district’s drinking water problem.

In a statement here on Tuesday, Mr. Jayamohan said the amount was urgently required to meet the expenses for transporting drinking water, pipeline extension, cleaning of freshwater wetlands, compensation to farmers who had suffered crop loss on account of the drought, renovation of the Kallada Irrigation Project (KIP) canals, and repair of pumps owned by the Kerala Water Authority.

The Rs.5.48-crore allocation made by the government was not sufficient to address these problems. If more money was not allocated, the district would face a crisis. The drinking water shortage was very acute and should be seen seriously, he said.

There should be a coordinated effort on the part of the bureaucracy and the local bodies to ensure supply of water in tankers to areas that were severely affected, Mr. Jayamohan said. The timing of the supply in tankers should be informed beforehand. Ignoring the affected areas could result in agitations by the people, he said.

Though release of water through the left and right bank canals of the KIP had brought some relief, the walls of the canals had breached at many places and water was not reaching many affected areas. It was necessary to repair the canal walls, he said.

He said the water level in the Thenmala dam was 100 feet less than what it was in the corresponding period last year. The bed of the catchment area had a thick layer of sand and silt. This should be dredged to enable the dam to store more water during the monsoon. Mr. Jayamohan called for the support of all sections of people to solve the drinking water problem.

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