Work on a model fishing village scheme started with an outlay of Rs.200 crore in the current financial year will be completed within five years, Finance Minister T.M. Thomas Isaac has said.

In his budget speech in the Assembly on Thursday, Dr. Isaac saidall fish workers would be enrolled in the welfare fund and insurance cover would be provided to them.

A sum of Rs.308 crore has been provided for supporting the small and traditional industries sectors, including the income support scheme.

In order to clear the arrears of gratuity and retirement benefits, Rs.40 crore has been provided.

A sum of Rs.52 crore has been earmarked for the cashew sector and Rs.57 crore for the handloom and khadi sectors. The outlay for small industries is Rs.40 crore. An amount of Rs.14 crore has been earmarked for loans and investment subsidy and Rs.25 lakh for the Kerala Earthernware Manufacturing Society.