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Row over remarks

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Former judge R. Basant
Former judge R. Basant

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The comments seem to have been caught on a camera that was held at a low angle, possibly not in full view of its subjects. “Here is a girl who is not normal, who is deviant. All this is there in the judgment,” he held forth.

He says the Supreme Court had not read the High Court judgment and that was why it had expressed shock over the 2005 judgment.

On January 31, 2013, the Supreme Court ordered the High Court to hear the appeal afresh.

In the footage, Mr. Basant is seen repeatedly saying, “Read the judgment.” He sought to explain why the victim was disbelieved by the court. Mr. Basant had refused to make any comments about the Suryanelli case when mediapersons corralled him with questions before his Thunchan Paramba speech. “You read the judgment. Everything is in it,” he had told reporters.

He later described the television broadcast of his remarks “unethical and shameful.” Mr. Basant had, along with fellow judge K.A. Abdul Ghafoor, delivered the verdict acquitting 35 of the 36 accused in the case.




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