Thalassery experiences acute water scarcity

Unable to serve drinking water to customers owing to an acute scarcity of water this summer, many restaurants in the town have shut down temporarily and more are planning to do so.

Though water shortage has been felt even in the past years, things have not turned this severe before, the local people say.

Half the hotels and restaurants have not reopened after the festival season. Though the scarcity has been troubling them for more than two weeks, the restaurant owners have been managing with water supplied by private suppliers.

Half an hour a day

The Kerala Water Authority supplies water for just half an hour a day and hence hotels and restaurant had been depending on private suppliers since early April, K. Achyuthan, president, Hotel and Restaurant Owners' Association, Thalassery unit, says. The price charged is Rs. 1,200 and Rs. 1,500 for 5,000 litres. With the daily requirement of an eatery being not less than 10,000 litres, it has become difficult, he adds.

The purity of water is another concern, as contamination can lead to diseases and will be an “added burden,” restaurant owners say. Moreover, the private suppliers deliver an order placed in the morning only by noon. Hence, the best alternative is to shut down the eateries, they say.

They have been keeping their fingers crossed for a summer shower or for the authorities to look into the matter at the earliest.

  • Many have not opened after festival season

  • Private suppliers charge Rs.1,200 for 5,000 litres